Updated June 30, 2020

As this is a dynamic situation these additional T&Cs may need updating as we go. You will be sent the most recent version as we approach your arrival date.

All businesses that are opening post lockdown are required to conduct a Health and Safety Assessment in respect of Covid-19. We can confirm that we have done that and will be opening on 6th July with these additional new rules in place. You may well find that we are doing things differently to other sites as and when they open, but we ask that you understand and respect that there will be reasons for this confusing discrepancy. Crucially, some sites may have most of their facilities open, some may not and some may open them later as time progresses, but there will be other differences as well. Each business will have its own particular protocol based on its environment, its resources and the safeguards it needs to have in place to comply with government rulings.

You must pre book your pitch as we are currently not able to accept any unbooked arrivals.  

Sorry, large group bookings cannot be accepted. Small group bookings may be permitted but you will need to enquire.

You will be required to confirm that you and your whole party have read, understood and agreed to these additional terms and conditions as they form part of our contract with you. They may appear rather severe but we would much rather be safe than sorry for everyone’s sake.

Electric Hook Up points
Gas Exchange
Cable Hire
Chemical Toilet Disposal Point
Grey Water Disposal Point
Water Taps (all drinking water)
Bin areas (General and Recycling, Sanitary/Nappy/PPE)
Farm Shop and Garden Centre
The Fishing Pond
Animal Paddock
On site food vendors (when available)
Public Footpaths leading off site

Where we can, we will install hand gel points at common touch points but this won’t always be practical, so please come prepared with your own sanitizers as well.

Showers and Wash Basins, including hair drying and baby changing facilities
Disabled Facilities
Family Room
Laundry Room
Washing Up Facilities
Pooch Parlour
Children’s Play Area
Children’s Ball Park
Animal Courtyard within the farm buildings
On site Book Store
Phone charging service
Fire Pit Hire
Ice Block Freezing
All Farm areas (except the Animal Paddock) and surrounding woodlands that belong to the owners (see our site map).

There will be no music events this year in the Events Field.

You must not travel to us if you or anyone in your household feels unwell and is showing any symptoms of Covid-19 in the days leading up to or on the day of your arrival.

Please notify us as soon as you can so that we can manage your booking. During this pandemic, we are prepared to be much more flexible with our cancellation policy and in these instances will be happy to credit any fees paid to a future stay.

If, during your stay, you start to have symptoms, then please call 111 and follow their instructions. Do not come to the shop or approach any member of staff. You will not be able to self-isolate here and must return home without delay.

Call us to say you are leaving because of illness and any outstanding fees will be credited to a later stay. We ask that anyone who believes they may have Covid-19 whilst on site or within 14 days of their departure to email us soon as they are able – (this email is monitored all the time).

We will have a contactless registration and payment system, whereby you will be required to pay at the minimum 24 hours before your arrival date.

You will receive our welcome email 5 days before your arrival which will contain instructions as to how to pay. With this email will be our new set of Covid-19 rules which every member of your party must read. Paying your balance will constitute your agreement to these rules. Upon arrival, please do not come into the reception but follow directions to the warden post where you will be checked in and given your pitch number. Arrival times are restricted and will be between 1.00pm and 7.00pm – sorry, no late arrivals accepted this year.

Because our facilities will be closed until further notice, you will be required to be self-sufficient whilst staying on-site and have your own on board toilet and washing facilities. This means that you must have your own toilet/porta-potty and will not be accepted on site without one.

The shower blocks (including the family room), toilet blocks, disabled facilities, washing up areas, laundry room & pooch parlour will all be closed with no exceptions. We will have the Elsan and Grey Water Disposal Points open. Outside water taps will also be available and motor homes will be able to empty and top up. Bins for discarded PPE, nappies and sanitary waste will be available outside the Main Block and we ask that you use these properly and with consideration to the people handling this waste. We will have hand sanitizing points available around the site and an increased cleaning regime for commonly touched areas.

Social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times and in all places across the site.

Pitch numbers will be reduced and units will be spaced out with empty pitches between each one. Because of this, we are unlikely to be able to accommodate pitching requests this year. Families who have two pitches booked will also be spaced apart. Our Top Field and Events Field remain closed.

We will have the Elsan and grey water disposal points open. Outdoor water taps will also be available. Motor homes will be able to empty and top up. Bins for discarded PPE, nappies and sanitary waste will be available outside the Main Block.

Masks and gloves will not be mandatory on site but we have no objection if you wish to use them as long as you ensure you dispose of them correctly.

We will have hand sanitising points available around the site and an increased cleaning regime for commonly touched areas, but we encourage you to also bring your own supplies of hand gel to use on site and whilst out and about.

All communal areas will be closed until further notice; these include the children’s play park and ball games area. Children will be required to stay in the field and within the vicinity of their own pitch at all times, but ball games and play in general will be encouraged in open areas close to your pitch in your family groups.

Children will not be permitted to wander, play or ride their bikes around the farm, shop or private woods but we will relax the rule over children playing games in the field. This can be allowed as long as parents keep them under strict control, do not let them mingle with other children unless given express permission by their parents and do not allow any balls or play equipment to make contact with another camper’s property.

Gazebos will be allowed but they are for the use of your family bubble only and are not to be used as a gathering point for other friends.

No day visitors will be allowed to visit the site for the duration of your stay. 

You will still be permitted to have supermarket food deliveries but must make all the arrangements yourself. The shop will not be responsible for receipt or storage of your goods.

From July 6 the Shop will be open seven days a week 8.30am – 6.00pm and campers must adhere to the social distancing rules in place which include limited numbers in the shop and 2m queuing outside.

Please do not expect to access the shop in groups. When we are busy, only one person per group will be allowed in.

Parents, please do not send children to the shop on your behalf as they will not be permitted into the shop on their own

Please pay by card whenever possible rather than with cash.

Please be considerate of the locals when mingling with them in the shop grounds.

We will have a policy of zero tolerance to any of these rules being deliberately flouted or to anyone otherwise showing deliberate disregard for the safety of other campers, our staff or residents. You will be asked to leave the site immediately and without a refund.

We will have our wardens on site but they will be maintaining social distancing.

All our normal Campsite Rules still apply, including noise curfews, bad language, bad behaviour and general onsite safety.

Bookings are taken in good faith that we will be able to accommodate you. However, because of the current fluid situation, we reserve the right to make changes to our T&Cs and/or postpone your booking subject to government guidance, advice or regulation. In these circumstances, we will happily credit any deposits and fees paid to another booking at a later date.

And finally – repeatedly in recent weeks, the south coast and Lulworth/Durdle Door area in particular has had large invasions of day trippers who have shown scant regard for the area and the people living there. Tensions are high and therefore we ask that you behave in a considerate and responsible manner whilst visiting the area.

If there is anything you are unsure about, please ask us and we will be happy to explain our terms further. If you feel that your holiday would be unduly spoilt under these restrictions then you still have the option to roll your deposit over to another date next year when it would be hoped that the pandemic would be much less of a threat.